Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm a Dirty Sellout

So I'm basically fed up with having to claw my way out of bronze league, since I can handle about half of the silver players I face every day anyways.   So I'm having a buddy of mine win shit tons of games on my account all in a row to boost me up to silver.  I'm happy about it.  Don't judge me.


In other news (literally), I was watching CNN today, where some chick was interviewing Jon Huntsman, who is a Republican candidate for president, and who I believe is the former governor of Utah, and former U.S. Ambassador to China.  He's all for marijuana legalization and has a soft stance on gay rights compared to his rivals in the GOP presidential race, so I kind of like him and Ron Paul the best (out of the Republicans, that is).


Anyways, they were interviewing him about his jobs plan, but on the bottom of the screen, it said INTERVIEW: JON HUNTSMAN'S "JOBS" PLAN.  And I'm lookin' at these quotation marks around the word "jobs".  Not sure if CNN being bitchy, or just plain derpy punctuation.

If that was them being little bitches, I mad bro.  So fucking snide.

So who thinks Justin Bieber is gay?  Bet he's a ragin' homo.  The whole Justin and Selena thing is a ploy by his handlers to drum up media attention.  But who's fuckin' believing any of it?

[Repost from Huffington Post, photo by Getty Images]
Guys.  Justin wears the earrings in this relationship.

I'm done.


  1. *gasp* you're not... cheating are you?

  2. She is pretty cute, but her friend on the right looks better.

  3. THE FUCK? Payton man follow me! making me feel lonely and shit. what? now you all "Hollywood"? come on now.

    P.S... I agree with john, she is purdy cute...BUMP!

  4. I wrote that section solely for the purpose of being able to make that earring comment.

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  6. Try not to lose your way back into bronze :P

  7. jon huntsman is a pretty cool guy, he takes on the tea party and doesn't afraid of anything.

  8. pictures won't load for me... except that bieber one -_-

  9. Great blog - awesome design! Followed!

  10. My theory is that all of the Republicans who think they have a decent shot of becoming President are waiting four years for Obama to be out of office. I think the cream of the Republican crop realize that Obama's effective public speaking and the power of the Presidency are enough to defeat almost any challenger.