Saturday, August 27, 2011

I mad, bro.

I really wish there was an operational MMR Calculator on Team Liquid's site still.  I hear there used to be, but there isn't anymore.

I know my MMR is going down, though.  Used to play only silver players in my 1v1's (I'm No. 2 Bronze).  Now I get some top 8 bronze players in the mix too.  It'd be nice if I could calculate my MMR and predict my promotion requirements better.

Also, B. D. Wong and Christopher Meloni are leaving Law and Order SVU?  That shit's gonna go down so fast.  I hope they return.  Mariska Hargitay's also asked for a lighter workload on the show, so she's only gonna return for 12 more episodes as Detective Benson! Then she gets promoted to a supervisor role or something.  I mad bro.

If none of these actors come back, and the last remaining Law and Order series finally ends, I hope all these actors go on to Hollywood.  Kind of like how Jason Segel (Marshall, How I Met Your Mother) and that chick that plays Phyllis in The Office went on to do Bad Teacher.

That won't be as bad then.  But still lame.

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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure that all of the actors will go on to newer roles.