Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rational Choice Theory

Can I prefer A > B, B > C, and C > A?

You can program a computer with case directions so that whenever presented with A and B, to click A, whenever provided with B and C, to click B, and whenever provided with C and A, to click C.

But this conflicts with the traditional human view that a person who has three preferences ordered as above has irrational preferences.  However, recent experiments by economists would suggest that most people's preferences are in fact ordered in hypothetical case examples, as above, and not in an objective hierarchical model.  Being that our preferences are ordered in this way, is there any justification for our preference that they be otherwise (i.e. a hierarchical, rationalist model)?

Or should we re-assess what we mean by "rational" then?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm a Dirty Sellout

So I'm basically fed up with having to claw my way out of bronze league, since I can handle about half of the silver players I face every day anyways.   So I'm having a buddy of mine win shit tons of games on my account all in a row to boost me up to silver.  I'm happy about it.  Don't judge me.


In other news (literally), I was watching CNN today, where some chick was interviewing Jon Huntsman, who is a Republican candidate for president, and who I believe is the former governor of Utah, and former U.S. Ambassador to China.  He's all for marijuana legalization and has a soft stance on gay rights compared to his rivals in the GOP presidential race, so I kind of like him and Ron Paul the best (out of the Republicans, that is).


Anyways, they were interviewing him about his jobs plan, but on the bottom of the screen, it said INTERVIEW: JON HUNTSMAN'S "JOBS" PLAN.  And I'm lookin' at these quotation marks around the word "jobs".  Not sure if CNN being bitchy, or just plain derpy punctuation.

If that was them being little bitches, I mad bro.  So fucking snide.

So who thinks Justin Bieber is gay?  Bet he's a ragin' homo.  The whole Justin and Selena thing is a ploy by his handlers to drum up media attention.  But who's fuckin' believing any of it?

[Repost from Huffington Post, photo by Getty Images]
Guys.  Justin wears the earrings in this relationship.

I'm done.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Super Selfless Dude and Pikachus

This superintendent guy gave back $800,000 to his struggling school district.

People need to be nice and generous like this all the time.

Here's a picture of a Pikachu from back when Pikachu looked like Pikachu.

Look at that!  Cute fucker.

Modern Pikachu.  Kinda' love it too.  He's alright.  I just feel like people need to be made aware of this.

Well.  Now you know.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I mad, bro.

I really wish there was an operational MMR Calculator on Team Liquid's site still.  I hear there used to be, but there isn't anymore.

I know my MMR is going down, though.  Used to play only silver players in my 1v1's (I'm No. 2 Bronze).  Now I get some top 8 bronze players in the mix too.  It'd be nice if I could calculate my MMR and predict my promotion requirements better.

Also, B. D. Wong and Christopher Meloni are leaving Law and Order SVU?  That shit's gonna go down so fast.  I hope they return.  Mariska Hargitay's also asked for a lighter workload on the show, so she's only gonna return for 12 more episodes as Detective Benson! Then she gets promoted to a supervisor role or something.  I mad bro.

If none of these actors come back, and the last remaining Law and Order series finally ends, I hope all these actors go on to Hollywood.  Kind of like how Jason Segel (Marshall, How I Met Your Mother) and that chick that plays Phyllis in The Office went on to do Bad Teacher.

That won't be as bad then.  But still lame.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Hello There Media

So isn't it kind of ironic that this link is to a news media site... bemoaning the lack of news media attention to the topic it's talking about?

People talking about people not talking about Ron Paul?  Inception.

So yeah, Ron Paul should get loads of attention.  Instead of printing "paper money", we need gold.  Gold is more dense, it has higher tensile strength, and does not easily corrode.  Therefore our economy will be more stable.

So here's the deal

I'm number one in my bronze league sc2 division.  I've been number one for a couple days now.  I've been winning.  I've been playing exclusively silver players.  When am I gonna get promoted to silver?  My MMR must be through the roof!

This is all super ridiculous.

This is cheering me up.

Yeah.  That's what I'm talkin' about.  There's everything good in the world.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Help. Clearly Sexist Propaganda.

So I just saw The Help with some high school friends.  It was a truly heart-wrenching (yet inspiring) story, although I thought the part where Stuart (Chris Lowell) breaks up with Skeeter, calling her selfish for agitating racial tensions in Jackson, Mississippi, was kind of unnecessary.  I seriously didn't get that.  Really?  What was that.  It didn't follow at all.  He was such a likeable character, then all of the sudden, BOOM, he's unshaven and wearing a dirty t-shirt, telling this girl she's "better off single". (Clearly feminist propaganda.  I mean come on.)

Stuart here doesn't get it either.  I guess us moviegoers are just left to assume there was more buildup in the book for this, since it came off as SUCH a non sequitur in the film.

Too much girl power, not enough of this guy.  What a man.  Puttin' up with that.  Damn.

First Poast: Protoss Imba

I am the best Bronze League SC2 player ever in the history of ever.

Today, I used marine tank against this dumbass toss player.  He seemed to think colossi were an effective counter to mass marines.

Nothing is an effective counter to mass marines.  If something can't be countered by four marines, I call OP.

Y U NO TERRAN? Protoss still imba though.