Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Help. Clearly Sexist Propaganda.

So I just saw The Help with some high school friends.  It was a truly heart-wrenching (yet inspiring) story, although I thought the part where Stuart (Chris Lowell) breaks up with Skeeter, calling her selfish for agitating racial tensions in Jackson, Mississippi, was kind of unnecessary.  I seriously didn't get that.  Really?  What was that.  It didn't follow at all.  He was such a likeable character, then all of the sudden, BOOM, he's unshaven and wearing a dirty t-shirt, telling this girl she's "better off single". (Clearly feminist propaganda.  I mean come on.)

Stuart here doesn't get it either.  I guess us moviegoers are just left to assume there was more buildup in the book for this, since it came off as SUCH a non sequitur in the film.

Too much girl power, not enough of this guy.  What a man.  Puttin' up with that.  Damn.


  1. 1. what were you doing watching the help
    2. who did you go with?

  2. The book was probably better yeah... :P

  3. i am waiting for it to come out on dvd :)

  4. I didn't bother seeing this one, didnt seem that great

  5. Hey bro, DVD is deprecated, better on streaming!

  6. Yeah you're right, but for me is like a new think the streaming: i have watched only 1 movie ahaha